How can we help?

Our solutions will enable your organisation to:

  • attract and retain the best talent in your sector

  • improve brand reputation through powerful and authentic communications with your clients and customers

  • enable your leaders to make critical organisational decisions that align with your values

  • achieve long-term sustainability and ultimately, to be more productive

Every client we work with is different and our tailored approach reflects this. Here are some of the ways that we can work with organisations: 

Spot The Gap Services


We work with clients to create, implement and refine your organisational purpose and values.

We work with you to find ways to enable your employees to live your values day to day in the workplace, though aligned employee experiences and internal communications strategies.   

Spot The Gap Services


We offer a communications audit service, which spots the gaps and opportunities for improvement in your internal communications.

We can help you create effective internal communications campaigns to better engage your employees.

Spot The Gap Services


In house training for senior leaders, employees, NEDs and trustees to enable them to understand how their roles can support an organisation’s success.


Senior leaders are an organisation’s biggest brand ambassadors. How they act and communicate, hugely impacts their employees and sets the tone for the workplace.

We can provide one to one or group mentoring to support senior leaders and/or managers, who need support with how to live/represent their organisation’s values internally.